Prostate Cancer

Can Eating More Veggies Really Help Cure Prostate Cancer?

There have been speculations and opinions over the years about the value of eating vegetables and fruits to help slow the development of prostate cancer, so we’re here with new evidence that makes a clear conclusion.

Study Confirms Omega 3s Have No Effect on Prostate Cancer Risk

There has been a worrisome belief that if you eat foods high in Omega 3 or take these types of supplements, you might be at a higher risk for prostate cancer. Fortunately, a recent study confirms none of this to be true!

5 Prostate Cancer Myths to Know

Many men think that prostate cancer isn’t something they have to worry about until much later in life. While this is a dominant myth, there are certainly many more that continue to spread around. Here are five that you should know that can keep you proactive with your health!

What’s The Difference Between Prostate And Testicular Cancer?

Prostate and testicular cancers occur in different parts of the body, and they commonly affect men at different stages of their life. These two basic differences between prostate and testicular cancer are significant for all men to understand, so they can take appropriate precautions to detect tumors early.