Online Bill Pay

SWDCMI is pleased to announce a new, easier to read statement and look!

If you wish to make a payment from an older statement, please include the alpha-prefix SDIC in front of your account number. New statements and monthly budget plan statements will include this required prefix.

Our online Bill Pay feature utilizes RoyalPay credit card processing system. A RoyalPay account is not required to process your payment. RoyalPay accepts all major credit/debit cards. For more information, please contact our office.

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How it Works

When you make a payment using RoyalPay, your credit card information will not be stored by or provided to Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging. All credit card processing is handled through RoyalPay. By entering your email address, a copy of your receipt will be delivered to you directly. We encourage you to print and save this receipt for your records. If you encounter any payment problems you will need to provide the Transaction ID in order for us to assist you. You also now have the ability to create a username and password in order to view/print your SWDCMI statement, make a payment, set up your own payment arrangement (a minimum of $50.00 per month), or to request assistance from our Business Office!

If you have any questions regarding the use of our forms please contact our office during normal business hours.

For Online Bill Pay Questions Call: (214) 345-2098

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This is not Bill Pay for Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center located in Arizona

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