Diagnostic Imaging in Dallas, TX

Southwest Diagnostic focuses on accuracy and responsiveness.

Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging offers the latest in CT and PET/CT fusion scanning medical imaging services with the most experienced PET and CT reading physicians in Dallas, TX. We are experts in image examinations and evaluations to give our patients and their physicians the best course of action.Our services include PET/CT and CT scans.

Computed Tomography - CT/CTA Scan

Computed Tomography – CT/CTA Scan

State-of-the-art low dose, 128 slice CT scanner open Monday – Friday. Computed Tomography is also called computerized tomography, or computerized axial tomography. This is where the “CAT” Scan comes from. CT scans have a multitude of purposes in the medical industry.

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Positron Emission Tomography - PET/CT Scan

Positron Emission Tomography – PET/CT Scan

Our NEW facility is now open at the Texas Health Cancer Center with state-of-the-art continuous bed motion high-definition PET/CT imaging capabilities. Positron emission tomography, also called a PET scan, is a nuclear medicine exam that produces a three dimensional image of functional processes in the body.

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Cancer Education

Cancer Screenings

At Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Services we use PET/CT Scans to help our physicians:

  • Detect Cancer
  • Evaluate the extent of cancer
  • Select the most pertinent treatments
  • Determine if therapy is working
  • Detect any recurrent tumors

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