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Southwest diagnostic imaging center is a full modality free-standing diagnostic imaging center that was founded in 1985 by Dr. Paul Ellen Bogan. Dr. Ellen Bogan is now the chairman of the American College of Radiology we have several dozen registered nurses on staff full time very different than most imaging centers. All of our technologists upwards of 60 to 70 technologists are all board-certified with the Texas
Department of Health and have a combined 10 year of service at southwest, of approximately 14 years per technologists. That concentration of patient care is what puts us at the forefront of imaging in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Southwest Imaging Center offers six diagnostic imaging modalities:

  • plain film or diagnostic imaging
  • MRI CT scan
  • Ultrasound or sonography mammography
  • DEXA or bone densitometry
  • PET CT imaging

At our center for molecular imaging center every patient that comes through the doors of Southwest Imaging Center has my personal assurance as well as our radiology groups that they will receive only the finest care and diagnostic imaging that is our commitment to every patient every day.

It is great being a radiologist of this facility not only are we owners were operators and we’re physicians so we get to make decisions on what equipment we buy and use. We get to make decisions on how the equipment is used. We get to make decisions about how patients are treated when they get here all the way from the time they walk in the front door. We get to make decisions about how the tests are done so that we like to believe we’re doing the right test the right way the first time. We feel like because we’re physicians and we’re involved every step of the way we can make sure that optimal conditions for practicing medicine in our specialty.

Dr. David Kilgore discusses the many different diagnostic imaging services that we offer here at Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging.

Welcome to close up on America’s business, the program that takes you inside some of the most unique and successful companies in America. I’m Jim Masters. On each edition of our show we
introduce you to some of the most innovative business leaders in the country today. You’ll discover what their products services technologies and business models can do for you, what they’re doing to change our world, and change the way we do business. It is an absolute fact that the quality of medical care practiced here in the United States is the absolute best available anywhere. It is what attracts so many people from foreign shores to come here for care and a great example of what helps set our medical care apart from others can be found right here in Dallas on the campus of Presbyterian Hospital. This is the home of a facility known as Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center.

Check out this video tour of our facilities at Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging.


Patient Testimonials


Patient Yolanda Johnson shares her family’s experiences with Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center in Dallas, TX. Since the early 80’s, she and her family coming to SWDIC for all of their services. She and her family prefer to have services done at SWDIC because of their courteous and friendly service as well as state-of-the-art technology. CT Scan (sometimes referred as CAT scanning) is a painless, non-invasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. CT uses a very thin X-ray that produces detailed views of the area in research.


I’m a firefighter/paramedic and so I deal with patients all the time. We always try to give that customer service that quality care and that’s what I like about Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging. They give you that customer service and they care about you and that impresses me. I’m kind of like one of those old-fashioned guys that when I take my automobile and to be fixed I go to the same place
because I know them and they know me. Over the years that I’ve come here I still see the same faces and they’ll say hi and they know you and I like that I like that continuity of knowing that that staff is here and that they’re capable of doing the job that was first referred here by my doctor. Honestly say they treat me like family I mean they communicate with you they tell you what’s going on they make you
comfortable and they get you through the procedure as best they can.

Our Services



Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses a strong magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses to provide clear and detailed diagnostic images of internal body organs and tissues. MRI is a valuable tool for the diagnosis of a broad range of conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • MRI for Cancer
  • MRI for Liver Disease
  • Heart and vascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Joint and musculoskeletal disorders

MRI allows evaluation of some bodily structures that may not be as visible with other diagnostic imaging methods. At Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Center, our expert technicians specialize in providing patients in Dallas, TX with comprehensive MRI exams so that their physician can provide them with the best diagnosis. If you are in need of an MRI, contact our office at (214) 345-6905 and schedule an appointment today!

Computed Tomography (CT), formerly known as a CAT scan, is a radiology technique uses X-ray and computer equipment to produce cross-sectional images of body structures, tissues, and organs. CT imaging provides the unique ability to visualize soft tissue, bones, muscle, internal organs, and blood vessels.

At Southwest Diagnostic Center For Molecular Imaging, our radiology staff and technical team have a patient-centered approach to providing patients with PET/CT Scans in Dallas, Texas. Our highly trained staff is committed to answering questions, providing results quickly and accurately, and easing the patient’s tensions through compassionate care. Using the latest imaging technology, we provide our patients with the highest standard of service by delivering quick and accurate results.