Cancer Screening in Dallas, TX

Cancer is a disease when cells mutate, and then divide and create cancerous tissue that impacts vital organs. There are all kinds of cancer, and not all are the same; some are genetic, some can be prevented, and some target certain demographics. While there are certain things that can help prevent many cancers, such as quitting smoking, eating healthy, and exercising, each cancer has its own set of symptoms, risk factors and stage life cycle. Nearly 40% of Americans will get diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life.

Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging, uses PET and CT scans to help our physicians:

  • Detect cancer
  • Evaluate the extent of cancer
  • Select the most pertinent treatments
  • Determine if therapy is working
  • Detect any recurrent tumors.

Learn more about diagnostic procedures for the treatment of specific cancers and schedule your consultation at SWDCMI today.