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The Early Signs of Esophageal Cancer

Early signs of esophageal cancer are almost non-existent. Like many other types of cancer, it can sneak up on you and by the time it is diagnosed. In this case, oftentimes there has already been damage and it may have spread. Keenly note the risk factors that make you more susceptible to esophageal cancer, and then watch for any of the symptoms. Early diagnosis equals a more positive prognosis.

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What Is Molecular Imaging?

Molecular imaging and nuclear medicine can diagnose and treat many types of diseases. They are non-invasive, safe, and painless procedures to help doctors manage the treatment of cancer, heart disease, brain disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimers, gastrointestinal disorders, lung disorders, bone disorders, and more. Let’s learn more. Continue reading “What Is Molecular Imaging?”

3 Things to Consider Before Completing Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Genetic testing for breast cancer provides an opportunity for people to learn if their breast cancer or if a family history of breast cancer could be due to an inherited gene mutation. If so, this increases the risk for breast cancer.

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