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Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Some people hide their head in the sand about their aches and pains while others are quick to jump to conclusions. When it comes to cancer symptoms, it is wise to find some middle ground and become knowledgeable. With that in mind, there are certain cancer symptoms you should never ignore.

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How To Tell Family And Friends About A Cancer Diagnosis

Telling those you love that you have cancer is one of the most painful conversations you will ever have. Who to tell and how much to tell are all considerations and must be made thoughtfully. Even if you are not facing such a diagnosis, someone you love may be. Those on both sides of the conversation may need some direction. Here are some thoughts on how to tell family and friends about a cancer diagnosis.

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5 First Steps Following a Cancer Diagnosis

Sadness, worry, and fear are just some of the emotions that engulf a person who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It is easy to become overwhelmed and paralyzed when you hear those dreaded words, which is why the team at Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging has compiled a list of 5 immediate to-dos that can help you move forward and face the challenges ahead.

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Ways to Tell Your Child of Your Cancer Diagnosis

Once you have taken in the reality of your own cancer diagnosis, it can be gut wrenching to share it with your loved ones. This becomes exponentially more difficult if you have children. There are ways to tell your child of your cancer diagnosis, to be honest with them, and do so without frightening them.

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Could Chronic Stress Be Related To Cancer?

That question would make anyone become stressed.

All kidding aside, this is a serious concern that we should consider and investigate. Stress permeates our lives and a recent report held that today’s millennial generation is more stressed than any other. Could chronic stress be related to cancer? Some research says yes, and others no.

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