How To Cope With A Cancer Diagnosis

You have just heard the dreaded words, “You have cancer.” Suddenly your world stops, and you become terrified and numb at the same time. A million questions loom, and you wonder how to cope. Let us provide some suggestions about how to cope with a cancer diagnosis.

Become Detached For A Bit

Emotions will run wild at first, but you need to gather as much information as possible and remain calm. Start writing down as many questions as you can right away. This will keep you focused on the task ahead as well as provide some answers for you to consider.

doctor reviewing diagnosis with patient holding scans

It is always a good idea to bring another person with you when seeing your doctor. It will help to confirm what you heard.

Ask Questions

Here are some questions to pose at your first appointment.

Ask questions about the kind of cancer you have, where it is and if it has spread, the stage, the best treatments options and their side effects, the chances of a cure, and how the treatment will be of benefit are all excellent queries.

What Are The Goals Of Your Treatment(s)

  • To cure the cancer
  • To control the spread
  • To manage the symptoms

Ask Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging all these questions. Are you having more than one kind of treatment? Find out about the side effects and benefits of each type.

Learn Everything You Can To Help You Cope

Doing your due diligence will provide a sense of control as well as what to expect about your cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Don’t Suppress Your Feelings

They are normal and to be expected. Talk with trusted friends and relatives. Don’t keep your fears bottled up. Keep a journal if that helps.

Get A Second Opinion

Before starting any treatment, see at least one other healthcare provider.

Take Time For Yourself

Find something to help you relax and calmly move forward. Maybe it will be yoga, reading, meditation, music, movies, and watching TV. Go outside daily to take a short walk alone or with someone else. All these little things can help you cope with a cancer diagnosis.

Keep Up A Healthy Lifestyle

Eat well, get sufficient sleep, do some mild exercise, and work to control stress and fatigue.

Accept Help

Admit when and if you need help, because you will. Running errands, cooking meals, providing transportation, and moral support should all be accepted graciously. Allow others to show how much they care for you.

Ask Southwest Diagnostic Center for Molecular Imaging for some support groups to help you cope.

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